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East Lothian Food & Drink BID wants to make your online experience as interesting and enjoyable as possible, treating you as our guest and with respect.

Use of Personal Information

Any information you submit through our website will be held in the strictest confidence. In no way will your personal information ever be used without your consent. Be assured that we do not sell your name and address details.

If you choose to receive information from us, each message will also include instructions on how to “unsubscribe” from future mailings should you wish to cancel.

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This cookie automatically identifies your computer – but not you – to our servers when you visit our site. Unless you specifically tell us, we will never know who you are, even though we may assign your computer a cookie.

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We know that your privacy is very important to you. We welcome questions and
comments regarding this policy, so feel free to contact us. Because technologies on the Internet change so quickly, we reserve the right to modify this Privacy Statement from time to time.