It’s that time of the year when we’re thinking about our plans and goals for 2020. There are lots of things you can promise to do next year… exercise more, save money for something special or just pledge to take more time to look after yourself.

However, there is one thing that we can all do in 2020…. it’s really easy and it makes you feel great, and it benefits lots of people! What is this mystery resolution you ask? Buying more food and drink locally!

Think about it… you are going to be shopping food and drink in 2020 anyway. And you are already close to all the places you’d need to visit to achieve your resolution. So this really is a fantastically simple resolution that you will actually achieve!

If you aren’t already persuaded, here are three reasons why you should make shopping locally for food and drink a resolution for 2020. 

  1.  Shopping local will create memories.

If you support local in 2020, you will create memories with your family and friends. If you live in East Lothian and are of a certain age, you might share some of the ‘local food and drink’ memories that I have:

  • Popping into Anderson Quality Butcher during the Six Nations to pick up pies for half time.
  • Running out to the S Luca’s van with a £2.00 coin and painfully trying to decide between the following: cone or tub, and strawberry and vanilla!
  • Getting sent out to the James Dickson & Son fish van in the rain to collect your families Friday fish!

If you haven’t guessed, these are memories I have from living in East Lothian in the 90s. You can create your own food and drink memories in 2020 with your family!

2.   Shopping local is great for unique foodie gifts. 

So many producers in East Lothian create products that can easily be gifted to loved ones. From bottles of gin, to bars of chocolate, and from special edition ciders to preserves in beautiful gift boxes. There really is something for everyone. Buying a foodie gift from a local producer is a great way of showing someone you care!

3.    It’s good for the environment!

This one is key for 2020.

Nowadays, we are all more concious of the environment and the different things we can do to help. Shopping locally for food and drink is a way of cutting down on food miles. Local produce can be traced back to your local area and is therefore a great way to ensure that the food that is on your plate is sustainable. Plus its tasty!

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We hope that our blog has convinced you that shopping local is a great resolution for 2020. Its easy. It supports your local area and it is good for the environment. It really is the perfect resolution! For more information on local producers, check out our Made by Us page.

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