We are pleased to introduce the newest member of East Lothian, Scotland’s Food and Drink County, Winton Brewery.

Winton Brewery is the brainchild of two childhood friends, Steve Holligan and David Mackinnon. Steve and David, who both grew up in Haddington, started their brewing journey with a £100 homebrew kit. On their fifth brew, the pair had more or less designed their first beer, Peelywally. Steve and David then set out to create a business from their passion for excellent beer!

Winton Brewery is currently home to three delicious and fantastically named beers ‘Peelywally’, ‘Oh Ya Bassa’ and ‘Barry Swally’. We asked David how Winton Brewery come up with names for their brilliant beers:

“In all honesty the names are mostly conjured up after a few beers and our current range were all thought up by Steve (the creative one), and credit where credits due. He is of course extremely fortunate to be paired perfectly with an extremely intelligent and handsome business partner, but that’s irrelevant! We now have a whatsapp group for our beer names, with potential future names often added to in the strangest of situations – queue David quickly jumping out the shower to notify Steve of an ‘absolute belter’ that he conjured up, or Steve quickly pulling over in the van to deliver ‘a peach’ that sprang to mind! We have some hilarious and fantastic names coming in 2020!”

2019 was a big year for Winton Brewery. In June, they launched their first sour beer ‘Oh Ya Bassa’. Beautifully balanced, this fruity 5% peach and raspberry sour is kettle soured and made using peach and raspberry puree. In August of 2019, the brewery also moved to larger premises in West Barns. But 2020 is set to be an even bigger year for the East Lothian brewery:

“In beer terms, 2020 will be massive for us. We will be releasing our Brewgooder Global Gathering collaborative brew on the 20th March and news to follow on this soon! This event is absolutely fantastic though and sees 500 top breweries worldwide each releasing a beer on world water day on the 20th March with a percentage of the profits being contributed to clean water projects in Malawi. Following on from that, we will be releasing our long awaited lager (what a name that has!) and a new sour beer in our ‘Oh Ya’ range, whilst continuing our current fantastic range in casks and bottles with canning and kegging also planned! The recent arrival of our very talented new American head brewer, Nolan, means 2020 could not be any more exciting for us at Winton Brewery HQ!”

As well as producing great beer, the brewery also supports charity Reverse Rett. Reserve Rett is a UK medical research charity working to speed treatments and find a cure for Rett Syndrome. You can purchase a Winton Brewery beer mat or sticker here and all proceeds from the beer mat or sticker sale will go to Reverse Rett.

To keep up to date with all things Winton, be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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