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Specialising in delicious foods that everyone can enjoy! 

nocowknowhow have created a range of gluten, dairy, nut and egg free sweet treats and savouries that taste as good as they look.

Our Products:
Sicilian Lemon & Black pepper Fudge – dairy free, 4 x 100g
Sorrento Orange & Organic Belgian Chocolate Fudge – dairy free 4 x 100g
Champagne & Strawberry Fudge – dairy free, 4 x 100g
Organic Belgian Chocolate & Raspberry Fudge – dairy free, 4 x 100g
Gluten free Vegan Oatcakes, 6 x 90g
Gluten free Vegan Mara Seaweed Oatcakes, 6 x 90g
Gluten free Vegan Shortbread, 6 x 60g
Gluten free Vegan Lavender Shortbread, 6 x 60g
Cranberry Tiffin Bites – Gluten free & Vegan, 6 x 90g
Vegan meringue with freeze-dried strawberries, 8 x 45g
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Vegan meringue, 8 x 45g
Apple Blueberry Muffin, 6 x 45g
Cranberry Tiffin Fingers – Gluten free & Vegan x 16
Gluten free Vegan Organic Belgian Chocolate Brownies 9 x 16″ tray bake
Gluten free Vegan lemon Drizzle cake 2lb loaf, approx. 10 slices
Gluten free vegan Vanilla Cupcakes x 12
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