Hampers are a fantastic Christmas gift. They can be tailored to budget and taste! They are also a great way to support lots of different local producers as you can fill the hamper to the brim with delicious foodie treats.

To get you started, here are our tips on how to build the perfect hamper for the foodie in your family.

1) Find a box

One of the best things about hampers is that your recipient can re-use the box or basket that you put all the tasty treats in.

You can go traditional and fill up a lovely wicker basket… or you can think outside the box (pardon the pun!) and find an unusual way to package up your gift. Here’s some of our suggestions for alternative packaging:

  • Does the recipient travel a lot? Why not pop all the foodie treats in a nice rucksack?
  • Are they a DIY expert? Fill up a toolbox!
  • Do they like to bake? Pick up a colourful baking bowl.
  • A keen gardener? Why not put your treats into a flower pot.

One of the best things about hampers is that the packaging can be reused. It makes them a fantastic, sustainable gift (especially if you avoid the plastic wrapping!).

2) Pick a bottle (…or two!)

No hamper is complete without a bottle or two.

When filling up the hamper, it’s important to think about what your recipient enjoys drinking. Are they a beer fan? A gin aficionado? A whisky lover? Try and tailor your choice to what they enjoy! Here’s some East Lothian suggestions:

Does the person you are creating the hamper for prefer not to drink? There are plenty of non alcoholic options that are just as awesome:

3. Pick a selection of foodie treats

This part is really fun and it is where you can really tailor the hamper! Don’t feel pressured into adding something, just because you would traditionally find it in a hamper. Think about the person you are gifting to and make sure that you add products that they will love… and most importantly, use! Our only rule is to make sure that the things you add have reasonable sell by dates and don’t need refrigerated so that the hamper can sit happily under the Christmas tree until Christmas morning. 

Here are five East Lothian foodie treats that you might like to add to your hamper:


4. Add something a little bit different….

This is our favourite tip.

It can be easy to fill your hamper up with lots of tins, jars and packets. But it is great to add a treat that is a little bit different, such as a tour of a distillery or brewery.

Pop all the details onto a card and pop in the centre of the hamper. Not only is a tour a lovely way to make the Christmas celebrations last longer but it is a way for your loved one and you to spend some quality time together.

You could also include a voucher at local business that produces fresh produce, for example:




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We hope you enjoy making your Christmas hamper and found our article useful! To keep up to date with all things foodie in East Lothian, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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